Voluntary, another moral category of CSR, is reflected in the new generation management ideals of the enterprise leadership. This ideal refers to management from passive to active, from belief to practice, from personnel behavior to entrepreneurs performances, and from individual self-discipline to entrepreneurs groups influence mutually. Moral level of CSR is the enterprises’ volunteering behavior based on their own strength.

According to our own strengthen we developed a series of volunteer service activities, which are reflected both in the business of company and the life of workers.
1. Service in the enterprise’s business. Around the enterprise culture construction of us TuHuang Group, we carried out a supervision on youth volunteer quality and service quality. Autonomous spontaneous activities such as learning and helping each other.
2. Service in the workers’ life. Around the problem of the workers’ difficult family life and the education problem of their children, we carried out the necessaries and student activities through the Door- to- Door service on a regular basis in the form of “One to One”. The implementation of all these activities need to sign a service agreement. Normally, we offer services by buying the rice and noodles, doing the housework, maintaining the family facilities to those retired old people, the military families and the disabled. We also provide tutoring, donation and school supplies to those children with education problems.


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