1. Turkey Not the same as Asia and not the same as Europe, namely that across tow continents, Turkey, with multiple culture features and the unique amorous feelings, is famous for its beautiful natural resources for recently years. Charming natural scenery, rich cultural relics make Turkey enjoys the reputation of “Tourism Paradise”. Turkey deeply attracted visitors today, however, is a variety of cultures, old and new, east and west, prefect fusion of modern and traditional. Be engaged in the local activities not merely means carrying out the localization management, more important for us is to understand in-depth and absorb the essences of local culture.
Us TuHuang Group are committed to improving the quality of this region.
For example, we have left our enterprise image and footsteps in many nationally important festivals in Turkey.
In the summer of this year we had the opportunity to experience the local Kurban Festival and felt the warm atmosphere and passion from Muslim. Participated in activity of The Plastic Arts Festival held in Istanbul during Sep.- Oct. 2014. Participated in the Bull Wrestling and Caucasus Culture and Arts Festival held in Artvin in June 2013; Sponsored and participated in The childrens’ Festival of Folkdance (Music youth Society )held in Istanbul in May, 2012.

2. Russia Film Festival A country’s movies, always can reflect the nation’s style and individual character, let people to understand this nation. This is because the film attaches great importance to the ideological education of the people. As with the famous revolutionary Lenin said:“In all arts, film is one of the most important for us.” Russia’s film festival is involving, from black and white to color, from silent to sound, it always bring us grow up with some new ideas and viewpoints. A decree enacted by the presidium of the supreme Soviet Union in 1980 to set 27th August as the festival of the film in Russia. In fact, its history dates back to the revolution period in Oct. 1917. As a powerful tool of the young Republic, the film promoted the revolutionary ideas to a large extend. On 27th Aug. 1919, the film industry and trade have been handed over to the State Education Commission. In order to commemorate this event, that day was set as the Film Festival of Soviet Union, which became the latter Russian Film Festival.
The Film Festival promoted the exchange and cooperation of the world film culture to better show the globalization and industrialization characteristics from different civilization,culture and system.


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