Nature environmental is to the enterprise what social members is to the enterprise, between which is the Right-Responsibility relationship. Natural ecology also has the right of his survival, therefore, the property-free enterprise should also show respect to the natural ecology’s right to exist, and undertake the social responsibilities of protecting the ecological environment. To protect the natural environment is to protect the human rights and the sustainable development of economy and society.
Us TuHuang Group shoulder the mission to improve the quality of the work, the life and the human environment, and be committed ourselves to creating a beautiful homeland where the human are living in harmony with the nature. In the pursuit of economic interests and material prosperity, we are more contented with the sense of honor and pride from the great mission. We should consciously integrate into this corporate values and be broad-minded when facing the fact of human and offspring’s survival environment. To create a meaningful life, we can maximize our value of life.

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