Technical Support
Technical consultant
We have professional technical teams, we also cooperate with the best national research institutions, and can offer professional technical consultant and support either on new material, product research, project or for the technical barrier( or problem) appears in your production projects. The supports cover material choosing, product formula, problem checking and solution, project consultant etc. Our professional services Enable your product or production R with The right Raw material the right Technology The right quality.

QC service
QC service does not only include cargo inspection, but also include production control—inspections and testing from the very beginning raw material until the end of processing. the material will get The most Strict and detailed Inspection and testing. Every property will be insured to be suitable for your protection or projects. The QC inspection and testing service also give the suggestion on which material is the best choice for production or project. The inspection and testing also covers more areas such as Producing equipment producing line, factory environment, Quality management Election management safety and packing Processing and Management. Not only do we give the test without all inspection result but also strive to avoid any mistake on the production the processing period. In one word we only ensure the right product all the time.

Technical training
Training program for line operators, engineers, equipment maintaining is available here. Here we offer every service about your production. When you launch or get bidder of new projects, You may find you're not familiar with some area or the whole area of the processing, Or if you find your production not so professional or efficient, THC can help you to get rid of this troubles. We provide different and ,professional training Programs According to different kind of situations, Whether you are new or have troubles in your industry, Anything about production can be solved After of training.

TROUBLE SHOOTING and Maintaining Services
Our experts will be there for the troubles happened in your production and work out the best solution on your cases. Three experts are all with decent experience in different industries. Either they are the come from the well-known institutions or from our consultant agent. The experts will work out solutions according to production date by you or come to check by themselves and give out the solution. THC provides equipment Maintaining services. The service can be seasonal according to Customers requirement. In accompany with the service, Maintaining accessories can also be provided by THC.

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