Good supply chain partnership plays an important role for enterprises to gain a competitive edge in the supply chain management recently.
1.Financial Cooperation
Correspondent Bank also known as a business partner of the enterprises. Our TuHuang usually choose some powerful banks among them as our correspondent bank. Some things we do, for example, evaluating their profitability including foreign exchange, loan business, structured trade and capital market issue analysis, to understand how many business share can them get from us,then for those who are in the important position, most business are reasonably allocated to them. Upon which banks giving more favorable, better quality and reasonable price to these powerful customers is based. Then a good and stable partnership between both sides could be kept constantly and a win-win situation achieved eventually.

2. Technology and Information Cooperation
In the increasing fierce competitive environment of international trading business, it depends largely on the degree of innovation level and information sharing for a company’s way to success. Especially, research and development on technical cooperation is the key to improve the firm’s core competitiveness. By cooperating with college institute and R&D department of major industry, our Shanghai TuHuang get many achievements:
1.Product diversification and differentiation;
2. Improvement of R&D capability ;
3.Achieved the products value-added through increasing products’ technical content;
4. Popularity is boosting and our brand value increasing.
Information sharing is the foundation of implementation of supply chain management, upon which the coordinated operation of each nod on supply chain is based. Information sharing, as an important channel to maintain our partnership on supply chains, therefore, gained more and more public awareness and was widely accepted.

3.Logistic cooperation
As the third profit source of economy, logistic has become an indispensable part of enterprise in the now economic era. In the supply chain environment, our Shanghai TuHuang have a strong worldwide logistic network with agents, offices and warehouse, and cooperate with the world class freight companies to make every order be delivered to the customers in the required way, at the right time and to the right destination. For the customers’ convenience, door to door and warehouse service could be offered. We are also establishing good relationships with the Customs and other related government departments to achieve the maximum benefit and win-win situation of the whole supply chain management.
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Good supply chain partnership plays an important role for enterprises to gain a compe... Learn More

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