Along with the constantly changing of economic development both at home and abroad, the supply of products exceeds the demands, and their financial property become more and more obviously. The essence of the products competition has involved into competition among the supply chains. As Peter. Senge, Gurus of the contemporary outstanding new management, Father of the learning organization once said:“The only lasting competitiveness that you have in the future, is probably the faster learning ability than your competitors.” What he said refers to a person’s innovation learning ability. In fact, this truth applies to enterprises actually, because only by creatively innovating both in the practice and the theory can one enterprise gain a firm foothold and go further in the increasing fierce competitive environment. Yet as a great SCM Service-Provider, the significance of optimizing and prefect the function is to give full expression to being innovated under this new situation. By constantly adjusting our business and structure, comprehensively optimizing the work flow, physical flow, information flow and capital flow, a core flow, one can meet the demand and cooperate with enterprise environment both internal and external, was born at the right moment. We are aiming at providing value-add services including the entire supply chain in the “border-less ” manufacturing environment, that means gradually realizing the process of products value-add from the Time and Cost aspects, and improving our core competitiveness eventually.

As a world power across Eurasian and countries along the ancient silk road, Russian is an indispensable major partner to build on the “Silk Road Economic Banding”. As we all know, The  “Silk Road Economic Banding Construction”is the common interests of China and Russia. In the past four years, China has been ranking the top of Russia’s largest trading partner. Economic and trade cooperation is the main melody of comprehensively strategic partnership of them. The regional cooperation will become a new milestone. Based on this strategic cooperation, us Shanghai TuHuang will keep on providing various services including but not limited to the information, financial, logistics and technology services to make business cooperation more unobstructed, and resulting in the maximum potential of cooperation between China and Russia.

With the enhanced bilateral relations rising to a strategically cooperative relation between China and Turkey, and the strategic idea about “the Silk Road Economic Banding” proposed by Chinese government, another rare opportunity to deepen the cooperation is in sight. Being the core countries at the ends of the Silk Road, how to enhance the cooperation of economic and trade, science, technology and information under the framework, and how to provide more prefect service to both the governments and the enterprises, became the vital content in the present situation. As a link of economic and trading cooperation between the two countries, Shanghai TuHuang is committed themselves to playing the role of the middleman and take their own advantages to actively promote the communication, helping to mutual understanding in the investment and development. That establishing an effective communicative and cooperative platform for both China and Turkey, is the tireless pursuit on our way to success!
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