What is the team spirit?  What is the ideal type of team talent?
TEAM, it can be understood as Together Everyone Achieves More.Team talent, is simply a talent with integral consciousness, ideas of overall situation, cooperation spirit and spirit of service. In researching the Team of Talent Structure Analysis, two kinds of high performance organization are standing out. One is the Universal Group, in this organization, all members are ideal talent person who are compatible with good health and building character; who have strong willpower, brilliant and good luck; and who can think, communicate, plan, and action. The other is Complementary Group, in this organization, the ability of each member can’t be replaced by other members. There is also a blood type theory of talent as follows:
1.Type O: Boss type talented person, who characters with proactive, always likes to make plans and is good at using their resources.
2.Type A: Financial talented person, who features with carefulness, is sensitive to Numbers, has strong analysis ability and strives to do things perfectly.
3.Type B: Market-oriented talent, who are outgoing, passionate, motivated, and impulsive, they like high challenge job.
4.Type AB: Management talent, who features with cool, low-key, neutral, and independent-minded, they are unlikely to do things for emotion.
Are you one of the above talented personnel ? Or have any special advantages? If so, please consider to join us and coming together, sharing together, working together and succeeding together with our TuHuang Group.
We believe that your coming together is a beginning, sharing together is progress and working together is success!
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